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Friday, December 13, 2013

You're a writer if you return and write again in your long forgotten blog

Oh dear, I actually missed writing in my blog. Facebook is not the same. Facebook entry is more like for wider audience or readers. Thus, to write is to inform.

Blog for me is a bit different. I think I have the right to express. To be free with words and emotions, as long as what is written is not specifically abusive to others or the government. However, it also depends on the theme of the blog, and if it is a political blog, then, there is no meaning if it didn't hit the government in a "destruct to construct" manner, kah kah kah.

Okay, back to my entry today. The first wave of flood was over. The days prior to the big flood in Kuantan and Kemaman, I could've swore that I saw large dark clouds moving over our house with great velocities towards the south west. I thought they were moving to the ulu parts of Kelantan, but no, the Ulus were not hit by flood, just transient flooding at low area, like certain parts of Pasir Mas. Well, never mind, no need to over-interpret. Some people don't like me saying, Tuan Guru mesti selalu doa untuk kesejahteraan rakyat. I pray for his good health, for his prayer probably is much better than mine. I pun berdoa. Calamities will also hit people who prayed and righteous in deeds. Sorry, terperasan pula being so virtuous. [Ni bagus berblog ni; boleh interpret problem dalaman sendiri, kalau ada insight la.] The only difference is that we always in remembrance, either in good times or bad times.

So, today on the way to morning run at 7am, the road was heavy with fog; and both of us kind of serentak kata, "Oh hari ini nak panas terik."

And yes, right now panas terik and now is 12.30 noon.

It has been almost 2 months that I have not run. Much to do with the severe pain of my left  hip and the running burning pain down the lateral aspect of the leg. It was a big blow to me. Two months of struggle to control the pain and to control the high blood sugar. Managed to lose 5kg and desiring for another 5kg lost.

And, today, for the first time in 2 months, I felt like harvesting the kailan or kale that I've planted on the balcony. Probably quite tough and bitter by now. I realised that when my body is not fit and healthy, then I won't have mood to do gardening, cooking or cleaning the house. Thus, today is a good sign that my spirit is recovering from the recent pain and illness.


olive said...

Welcome back Dr. Miss u ha. do write blog ya :-)

Puteri Purnama said...

Assalammualaikum DR.H.
Selamat bersama lagi, rindu jugalah nak baca n3, DR.H.

Tiny garden said...

I miss your blog. Glad that you're back.

Domolitosslm said...

Warm welcome! Great to have you back.

Awin said...

welcome doc H! Glad u r back in blogging

Anonymous said...

welcome back. miss your blog.