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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking time away from computers

I will be attending ACT boot camp in Reno, Nevada next year,  thus  taking all the weekends and public holidays as my chances to tough up my physique . So, today , after running 2.5km, I tried the branched chain amino acid (BCAAs), Gaspari Nutrition's Aminolast.

Mak ehhh, manis nya!! Too sweet for a non-sugar drink, that it certainly felt not right, for a person who want to detox  from sugar.  I could only drink half of one scoop mixed with 500ml of water. Felt really dizzy after drinking 250ml. I can't understand why the manufacturer want to make it too sweet and the sweetener is splenda. Yukkk!

So much for following the suggestion of Dr. Sara Solomon Maybe, what I'll do is order Mercola's miracle whey the natural and unsweetened type, and mix it with a little of Aminolast for my workouts. This thing is too expensive to throw away.

Why would I want to supplement on protein or BCAAs? Well, I do dream of having a 6-pack. It is not for the purpose of flaunting it to others, but for my personal satisfaction. I've got that, that it is impossible to get 6-pack with more than 13% body fat, however much you crunched your abdomen. Thus, the muscles showing is a good indicator of my body fat percentage and my effort and discipline with my work-ups or training.

After reading many books on fat loss and metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and diabetes, last night I suddenly realized that I am not writing a Malay language book on the same issue. Maybe later, maybe, but it will not be in the immediate future (next year). The preoccupation on this problem and solution is tipping the balance of my mental and spiritual health.

Maybe, it was the meeting with my good friend on last Monday. As we sat together in the open air cafe, she peered into my eyes and told me that she could see my cataracts, worse in my right eye. I am already dead serious about reversing my diabetic complications, but to be given such observation by my friend, got me into scrutinizing my eyes at home. What I got is a peripheral cataract, or cortical cataract, most probably due to my high blood sugar, durng the time I was not aware of the problem.

One of the factor that I realized that could hinder the progress of my effort at reversing the condition is using the computer for reading and typing.

Thus, my resolution for the coming new year, will not be to reduce weight, because my target is easily achieved before the new year. Yeaa horray...60kg.  My resolution is to reduce the computer screen time as minimally as possible. I will also not put writing and publishing a book as one of my agenda. Considering that 2013 is a disastrous year in term of my health, I need next year to recuperate and look after my health.

Sometime I do ask myself. Why would I have to be more? Why not just take it easy and enjoy simple things in life and reserve much time to the spiritual side of living. At the rate I am suffering, sometime, I really wonder whether I will make it to 2016. Maybe I will hit more mileage if I take it very easy for next year or two. It is not that I am feeling hopeless. In fact my new e mail account is   I am really looking forward to 2016 July 7th.
branched chain amino acid (BCAA)
branched chain amino acid (BCAA)
branched chain amino acid (BCAA)
branched chain amino acid (BCAA)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best recovery drink

Feeling happy that in spite of the rainy season, we could jogged on Friday and Saturday for two straight weeks.

Mercola's blueberry miracle whey is a good recovery drink, sustained me and lending added help to put up enough resistance (not to order and eat the same) when accompanying hubby to his breakfast in "Nasi Lemak Bersinar" restaurant. From the two rounds of 36/12 protocol of intermittent fasting, I've lost 1kg.

Decided to go on low-carb diet (of carbohydrate of less than 20-60 gm a day), as I think my mind, stomach and my diabetic complications like it that way. There is a danger of eating excess carb on breaking the fast. For a non-diabetic it is okay, but the lateral side of my left leg was a bit numb last night.

While shopping in Tesco, came across the "kelapa botak" and bought two, one each and of course the flesh of hubby's coconut will be for me [he only drinks the coconut water]. Coconut is low carb, and Americans use coconut flour to replace the wheat flour in their cakes and cookies. I don't know whether it is available in KL, but in Kelantan,  I have to prepare my own. Probably for later venture in the kitchen, as now, I only eat what is easily available. Thinking too much about food and cooking  is risky to my diet plan right now. I will only start baking after weighing less than 60kg.

Friday, December 20, 2013

2nd round

Second round of intermittent fasting following 36/12 protocol. My last meal was the free makan  at department yesterday, beriani rice with the usual accompanying dishes of beef, chicken and vegetable curry. The dessert was sweet corn porridge that was super sweet.  So, I took that chance to test whether my pancreas had recovered, but on testing with the glucometer after one hour, the reading was 12.8mmol/l. Quite disappointed.

If I want to carry on with the 36/12 protocol, then my next meal will be at 12 midnight tonite. Will see how.  I am feeling that it will be achievable, even I  had just finished cooking beef curry, telur dadar berbawang and rice just now. Looks so delicious. That will be for hubby and our helper.

Post run drink.
This morning, we went jogging and unlike usual, I brought along two containers of water; and a shaker with a full scoop of Mercola's miracle whey.  We jogged for 2.5km, but the last 1km, I converted into a HIIT run. High speed for 20 sec, rest for 10 sec for 8 lapses. The remaining distrance I ran as usual to the car, and nearly  went crazy with fatigue. That was the time, I put water into the shaker and drink the whey powder. Supposedly good for muscle recovery.

About puasa sunat, had to postpone it till I've achieved the desired weight. It is too stressful to aim for both pahala and fat loss.

On preparing for the beef curry, i.e while boiling the beef slices, I took some for me. I thought I can take some of the broth for some nutritious but relatively free of calorie till 12 tonight, and when I break my fast, I'll be using the broth with the beef and will include some shitake mushroom.

Dr. Sara Solomon, if I remember correctly, stands at 5'6" or a few inches taller, and she just weigh 55 kg. Hemm.....maybe that shall be my new target.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Puasa 36 jam

Apa ke hal? Boleh ker?

Dah senak otak dok baca tentang "intermittent fasting"... memang dah tau keberkesanannya membakar lemak, tetapi nak masukkan diri ke dalam disiplin berpuasa jenis pelik itu yang agak sukar.

Orang putih sekarang memang hot topic la tentang "intermittent fasting." Ada banyak protokolnya. Saya nak pilih yang agak extreme sikit, 36 jam puasa dan di selang dengan 12 jam makan.

Nak ikut cara Dr. Sara Solomon, dentist yang bertubuh kasa dengan 8 packs! Dalam pada itu nak dapat pahala juga, so akan ubah protokol Dr. Sara.

Yang akan saya buat; puasa sunat mengikut cara Islam seperti biasa pada hari Rabu, buka puasa dengan protein powder dan dan air tanpa karbohidrat untuk malam dan keesokkan harinya. Boleh ambil minuman protein powder dan teh kosong dan air kosong pada hari Khamis, sehinggalah lepas maghrib saya akan makan makanan biasa. Kalau tak menyiksakan hari Khamis itu akan dijadikan puasa sunat juga, iaitu dengan bersahurkan minuman protein dan minyak kelapa dara.

Hari Jumaat dan Sabtu biasa saja, dan kalau hari Khamis nanti saya tidak biol maka, boleh terus mencuba puasa 36/12 pada minggu depan. So hari Ahad tak makan, Isnin mula makan lepas maghrib. Selasa tak makan, Rabu malam makan, dan Khamis tak makan, pergi jogging hari Jumaat pagi dan lepas jogging, pergi minum susu kambing segar di kedai Mamak. Begitu la seterusnya.

Sebenarnya, semenjak September 2013, saya menyedari saya mengalami diabetes jenis 2. Semenjak itu hingga sekarang, saya berjaya kurangkan 5kg berat badan. Tetapi, berat saya sudah statik agak 2 minggu di tahap 62.5kg.

Hari ini baru makan nasi lemak dan sekeping apam balik. Kira ambil sesi pra-puasa lepas geram dan bebaskan dari inhibition sekejap, sebelum memulakan plan baru esoknya.

Target 60kg. Ta Ta...betul ker ni?

Friday, December 13, 2013

You're a writer if you return and write again in your long forgotten blog

Oh dear, I actually missed writing in my blog. Facebook is not the same. Facebook entry is more like for wider audience or readers. Thus, to write is to inform.

Blog for me is a bit different. I think I have the right to express. To be free with words and emotions, as long as what is written is not specifically abusive to others or the government. However, it also depends on the theme of the blog, and if it is a political blog, then, there is no meaning if it didn't hit the government in a "destruct to construct" manner, kah kah kah.

Okay, back to my entry today. The first wave of flood was over. The days prior to the big flood in Kuantan and Kemaman, I could've swore that I saw large dark clouds moving over our house with great velocities towards the south west. I thought they were moving to the ulu parts of Kelantan, but no, the Ulus were not hit by flood, just transient flooding at low area, like certain parts of Pasir Mas. Well, never mind, no need to over-interpret. Some people don't like me saying, Tuan Guru mesti selalu doa untuk kesejahteraan rakyat. I pray for his good health, for his prayer probably is much better than mine. I pun berdoa. Calamities will also hit people who prayed and righteous in deeds. Sorry, terperasan pula being so virtuous. [Ni bagus berblog ni; boleh interpret problem dalaman sendiri, kalau ada insight la.] The only difference is that we always in remembrance, either in good times or bad times.

So, today on the way to morning run at 7am, the road was heavy with fog; and both of us kind of serentak kata, "Oh hari ini nak panas terik."

And yes, right now panas terik and now is 12.30 noon.

It has been almost 2 months that I have not run. Much to do with the severe pain of my left  hip and the running burning pain down the lateral aspect of the leg. It was a big blow to me. Two months of struggle to control the pain and to control the high blood sugar. Managed to lose 5kg and desiring for another 5kg lost.

And, today, for the first time in 2 months, I felt like harvesting the kailan or kale that I've planted on the balcony. Probably quite tough and bitter by now. I realised that when my body is not fit and healthy, then I won't have mood to do gardening, cooking or cleaning the house. Thus, today is a good sign that my spirit is recovering from the recent pain and illness.